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Art impacts society in many different ways. But, does society impact art?
We tweeted up and coming artists and photographers and asked them: “how does your work reflect your culture and surroundings?”

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Ken Powers
My art is designed to draw your attention to and accentuate the beautiful and often overlooked mundane subjects that surround us.”

Alissa Fereday
@ AlissaFereday
“Mine is almost all a reflection of where my heart is at the moment and what growth I’m experiencing as a painting builds.”

Julia Forsyth
“I’ve been asking myself the same thing! I guess the reflection is more internal than external – tough question.”

Jamie Berry

“Art is a reflection of where and who I am today, wherever and whomever that happens to be.”

Dawn Giunta
I tend to find inspiration in the mundane. Something ordinary will just strike me in such a way & I have to share its beauty. ♥”

Damien Franco
I don’t think I could answer that in 140 characters!”

Stitch & Craft Show 2011

Have a passion for haberdashery? Crazy about Cross Stitch? Potty for Patchwork?

The annual Stitch & Craft Show promises to be packed full of all things crafty and this year is zoning in on three areas – Knitting, Stitching and Crafting.

Held at the Olympia London on the 17th – 20th March 2011, the Stitch & Craft show is a date which should be on all crafters calendars.

For more information about stalls, exhibitions and professionals who’ll be at the show as well as how to buy tickets, visit the website.

If you can’t wait until March, have a look through Archive’s top rated craft retailers and groups:

Material Needs – an award winning craft retailer based in Somerset, why not have a look at their online services.

I Sew – promote sewing, dress making, soft furnishings and crafts. Sign up for hints and tips here.

Stitch London –  a group of individual crafters who have come together to form a stitching community that supports, inspires and challenges itself through stitch after stitch. Based in London, why not find out how to join by visiting the website.

Craft Guerrilla – a group set up to work with independent Crafts People, Artists and Designers Makers of quality hand made goods. Read the Craft Guerrilla manifesto online.

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