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Art impacts society in many different ways. But, does society impact art?
We tweeted up and coming artists and photographers and asked them: “how does your work reflect your culture and surroundings?”

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Ken Powers
My art is designed to draw your attention to and accentuate the beautiful and often overlooked mundane subjects that surround us.”

Alissa Fereday
@ AlissaFereday
“Mine is almost all a reflection of where my heart is at the moment and what growth I’m experiencing as a painting builds.”

Julia Forsyth
“I’ve been asking myself the same thing! I guess the reflection is more internal than external – tough question.”

Jamie Berry

“Art is a reflection of where and who I am today, wherever and whomever that happens to be.”

Dawn Giunta
I tend to find inspiration in the mundane. Something ordinary will just strike me in such a way & I have to share its beauty. ♥”

Damien Franco
I don’t think I could answer that in 140 characters!”

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